Did Democrats Steal the US Election?

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Did Democrats Steal the US Election?

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Did Democrats Steal the US Election? Yes or No

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If Trump had hire a Trump University grad to plead his case before the Courts instead of that nutbar Rudy Guiliani he would have had the election overturned.

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In short, if the evidence for the stealing had been there, it would have been found. The fact that Chump tried to get officials to try and fabricate evidence says it all.

And isn't it just delicious that Trump is bailing on his bills from Giuliani. However will he be able to afford more hair dye.

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What ticks Trump off most is that he couldn't employ his usual golf course practice of breaking out his eraser at the end of the round to change his score so that he won.

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haha they stole it bigger than dallas. mail in ballots? give me a break. passing laws letting illegals voting? dead people voting? what a laugher

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