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Ballistic Bob
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Just wondering if any of our Lionbacker techies are using a US DNS code to get American Netflix. I just resubscribed to Canadian Netflix but would like a look at our southern neighbors movie titles. Thnx BB

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Re: Netflix

I used to use Playmo and Unlocator (mostly Playmo) but Netflix has really actively clamped down on services that get around geo-restrictions. Playmo gave you an easy option for watching any nation's Netflix but at the behest of the content providers, Netflix started making it nearly impossible to circumvent their limitations on what Canadians had to watch. Playmo (and other DNS based geo-services) would repeatedly implement a fix only to get repeatedly thwarted by Netflix. In the end I gave up.
TOR might work.....but it would probably be a bad streaming experience. Just my hunch.

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