1971 Chevron Bonus Cards - Ebay

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1971 Chevron Bonus Cards - Ebay

Did anyone see that 6 of the 9 rare Chevron bonus cards issued in the 1971 season recently sold on Ebay? They went for big bucks.

It appears that each one sold for about $200 Canadian with taxes and fees (except Larry Highbaugh which went for about $275 Canadian). Here are the cards that were up for auction (and some of these guys played just a couple/few games for the Leos toward the latter part of the season).

QB - Howard "Rusty" Clark
WR - Larry Highbaugh
RB - Lawrence James (sadly, just passed away in April)
WR - Brian Kelsey
FB - Dick Lyons
DB - Jim Tomlin



DT - Ross Boise
G - Steve Duich
LB - Carl Weathers

Can you imagine what the Carl Weathers card would have sold for?!?

DH :cool:

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