tickets needed.

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old hyack
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tickets needed.

My wife and i need 2 tickets for the august 13 Hamilton game. We are coming down from the Kootenay's. I checked the Lions ticket exchange today and nothing is there yet. I know it's early but if you know your going to miss this game and your a season ticket holder i would appreciate hearing from you. I won't deal with ticketmaster until my anger subsides from the whole Tragically Hip thing. Our hotel is booked...just need Lions tickets. Thanks.

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Re: tickets needed.

ticketmaster is your best bet.
Single game tickets are available starting at 10am today. if its not working try code "CFLtweet". Zoom in until you see blue and grey dots. you can pick out your exact seats in the seating map.
I think the lions should have about 7000-8000 tickets left for every game right now, except for the exhibition game which is close to sold out.

if you want between the 30yd lines (midfield), season ticket holders have all those. Stubhub is your best bet if you want these top seats for your trip (since your on vacation) plus you get all stubhub's guarantees when you buy them & instant download of the tickets.

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Re: tickets needed.

Or you can just go down to the stadium an hour before game time. I'm sure that your can get tickets from a street scalper. They are always there.

While I am thinking about it. Anybody have a couple of pre-season duckets that they weren't planning to use? Maybe willing to donate them to me, wink, wink. If so, pm me.

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