HOF Profile: Sir Purrcival

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Sir Purrcival
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HOF Profile: Sir Purrcival

Username: Sir Purrcival
Position: Either seated or Punter, whichever keeps my clothes cleaner
Favourite CFL team: BC Lions
Why are they your favourite team: I grew up watching them.
If you were abducted by Super Models and forced to cheer for another team who would it be: Ottawa
Favourite CFL stadium: BC Place
Favourite BC Lion: Bryan Burnham
Favourite former BC Lion: Cameron Wake
Favourite Food: A Nice BBQ Burger
Favourite Bar: Any one that will let me in
Favourite Beer: Stella or Dos Equis
Favourite Alcoholic Beverage: Strawberry Marg
Favourite Non Alcoholic Bevy: Anything carbonated
Favourite Tunes: Classic Rock to Classical
Favourite Movies: Lord of the Rings, The Natural, The African Queen
Hobbies: RVing, Computer Browsing
Favourite BC Lion Memory: Mervyn Fernandez running back a kick against Edmonton ending years of consecutive losses to them.
Best Grey Cup Host City: Calgary
My dream vacation is: An empty white sand beach, the cool shade of a palm tree and crystal blue waters.
Favourite CFL uniform: Lions Black
Strangest things seen at game: Krazy George taking a shower in a rainstorm underneath the water vacuum on the field.
Words you live by: Please and Thank you,
Additional Comments:
In trying times, remember that we are all a community. We may disagree but we don't have to hate.
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Tell me how long must a fan be strong? Ans. Always.
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Re: HOF Profile: Sir Purrcival

Sir Purrcival wrote: Sun Jun 11, 2017 1:30 am Favourite Alcoholic Beverage: Strawberry Marg
Don't tell Rammer :marg:

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