94 GC BC Defence

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94 GC BC Defence

Watching the 94 GC game on YouTube.

What a talented D that Ritchie put together for that season / GC game.

3 man front - Stewart, Chaytors, Petersen (was Doug starting due to injury to Scrivener?) - man-handled the big Stallions O-line for parts of the game; Petersen was so strong for an inexperienced rookie

LBs - Snipes/ Robertson outside & Newby/Chatman inside (vet Canadian LB Brian Forde was with the Lions that season, but didn't see him playing in this game ?); Snipes & Robertson were more like DEs bringing pass rush pressure.

DBs - an all-time great talent CFL D-backfield IMO: Less Browne, Wilburn, Jefferson, Charles Gordon and Tommy Europe

4 guys with NFL experience (Wilburn, Jefferson, Snipes, Stewart; and Forde had NFL experience too, but again not sure he was dressed for the game to even play STs ?)

3 rookies starting (Petersen, Newby, Chatman)

Pick 6 by Gordon was a key; Jefferson made a beauty leaping INT; Mike Pringle did not get going like his dominant form in the regular season, so containing him somewhat was key too.

Went to a beauty GC party to get to watch that great game and Lions victory.

:roar: :rockin:

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Re: 94 GC BC Defence

That was a very strong defensive secondary. :thup:

Not often that a team wins a championship with so much bickering and in-fighting. Thank God they all became united on game day for the common cause (keeping the Cup in Canada).

DH :cool:

Roar, You Lions, Roar
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