CFL Free Agency Negotiating Window

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CFL Free Agency Negotiating Window

Thought I'd give this its own thread so it wouldn't be buried with all the player moves in the other 2021 Free Agency thread.

I had totally forgotten about this until someone at RF reminded me. Last year the CFL implemented a new negotiating window for teams to start talking to pending FAs tomorrow. The following link explains it all. There's a slick little slide show video that explains everything nicely. The dates are 2020 dates but everything applies with the window opening tomorrow Jan 31 and free agency happening as per usual on the 2nd Tuesday in Feb which this year is the 9th. ... ee-agency/

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Re: CFL Free Agency Negotiating Window

Bottom line being there will be no announcements until after the teams have a chance to match on Feb 9.

Doubt much will change although anyone after BB will have to pay top dollar or the Lions will match rather than have a low, team friendly, contract and a shoe box full of money scenario.

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