Comparison of player costs NFL to CFL

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Re: Comparison of player costs NFL to CFL

Hambone wrote: Wed Jan 27, 2021 2:51 pm I'm not sold on the guaranteed contract concept. It just doesn't seem a fit for a sport structured like football, particularly with the current training camp and preseason structure being what it is. Teams now are faced with making calls on rookies after only a handful of padded practices, a bunch of helmets and sweats only sessions and a limited number of exhibition game reps. They make their best judgment knowing full well they won't know for sure if they made the right call until half a dozen games into the season. Guarantee the contracts and teams have no options to correct mistakes until the contract expires. The NHL guarantees contracts but they also can sign players to 2 way contracts and assign players to the minors for more grooming or in some cases to bury bad contracts. The CFL has no such luxury. When teams make their final cuts before the season starts they'd have to do so knowing that they are stuck with all the players they didn't cut. For those who did get cut and don't get a PR offer injuries are the only thing that would open up opportunities until next offseason.

Fans think player turnover might be reduced by guaranteeing contracts. I don't if that would be the case. If I was a CFL GM working with guaranteed contracts I'd be wanting to have as many players signed to 1 year deals as I possibly could. I'd only risk a multi-year contract on established players who have not yet reached the end of their prime. IMO the current rules for rookie contracts would have to be tossed out and replaced. Rookies are currently expected to sign mandatory multi-year contracts. If that were in place under guaranteed contracts if anything it would greatly reduce the chances of the rookie making the club.

A good example I can think of is the much villified Gary Butler. Buono took a bit of a shine to him (the linked article sheds some light) and he made final cuts. Beamish also talks about how such things are not uncommon across all CFL and NFL teams. Regardless had guaranteed contracts been in place then the Lions and their fans would have been stuck with Butler until his contract expired. As it was they corrected the error and cut him after 8 games. ... ard-winner
Fair enough but I wonder how coaches and coaching staffs would feel about being fired for doing a bad job and not getting paid. It is a little bit of goose and gander thing. As I said, there are pro's and cons but being on the hook for a player would induce a greater level of caution on coaches and GM's. There would be a lot of smaller deals at the onset for rookies for sure. But there would also be some stability with rosters as well. It adds some greater accountability on the management. Sure players can not perform as expected but there is a problem as well with coaches being too lucrative with deals operating on the mindset that they can just walk away if they "get it wrong". How many times have we had the conversations about how we have too much money tied up in one player to the detriment of the rest of the team. Maybe I'm not on the same page as most but frankly, I don't really care if we have a great QB for example, if his salary is such that it means we have to cheap out on the rest of the team to the tune of not being competitive. A guaranteed contract might have made Buono a little more cautious in the above Gary Butler case. And Buono was one of the worst for this take a shine or not take shine approach. Beyond that however, it is probably a more respectful approach to take with players as people. We have been dancing around the issue that players are exploited in this league. This is part of that exploitation. Some players can't make the cut for whatever reason but coaches are also paid big bucks to sift out the gems from the coal and not having account for bad choices give them a walk when it comes to longevity. Some coaching is pretty bad and yet is allowed to endure. Too many bad contracts following a coach would expose some of the bad ones a lot sooner.

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Re: Comparison of player costs NFL to CFL

first player costs are not 5m cap number, but actual players costs are 7-8m after loopholes and other costs not in cap.

second is no revenue share in the CFL. So the high revenue teams only spend as small amount on football. The riders only spend $13m on football out of $40m. its distorts your figure.

most smaller CFL teams $20m in revenue, $7-8m in players, $4 coaching and football ops. $8m rest on admin/marketing/ticketing.

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Re: Comparison of player costs NFL to CFL

Good points made by all.

One thing about the CFL opening the books is that the bleak picture shown is more or less that of a dummy corporation given the Bell Media connection and the TSN friendly television and radio rights deal.

Comparing that source of revenue for the NFL to the CFL is around $7,000 million to $37 million which is ridiculous. This is one of the root issues imo.

Got wondering about the player draft and couldn't decide if it was necessary or not. What is wrong with teams recruiting whoever they like? Would be interested in others thoughts. On one hand it could reduce the bargaining power of a first round pick but it could also lead to bidding wars. I suspect the former.

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Re: Comparison of player costs NFL to CFL

sorry forgot my point above. its definately the low revenue clubs that are keeping the cap down. If revenues even partially shared the cap would be alot higher

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Re: Comparison of player costs NFL to CFL

great comments by everyone.

probably need some sort of revenue-share sooner rather than later.

CFL football is a huge deal in saskatchewan. kinda like "University of State" NCAA football in the USA.

and it's a big deal some other places too..............

ironic and obvious comment is that it is not a big deal in the biggest cities......

i think saskatchewan, and frankly the country of canada, would lose something valuable if the league folded.

i also think the CFL has to get very aggressive in marketing the league in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver..... i am under no illusions that it'll be easy sell but i think they need to try more and/or better (sorry for horrible grammar)

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