Favourite BC Lions Helmet

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Favourite BC Lions Helmet

I have no intention to hijack or derail David's recent thread about favourite BC lions uniform. Instead, it's to complement it. When one thinks of uniforms, the jersey is the most important part while the pants and helmet are secondary. But of course, if you are very fashion conscious you must also ensure that pants and helmet are a good match for the jersey.

That said, let's just talk about the helmet itself. Which helmet do you think are the best? The first attachment shows the primary helmets throughout the seasons plus a few alternates. While the second attachment shows some recent alternates.

Which are your favourites?

I'll tell you which is the least liked one and that would be the plain 1954-59 helmet with no logo. It's almost identical to the helmet of the Cleveland Browns. The second least liked is the one from 1971. Checking out why the design was the way it was, it was a homage to the Canadian Confederacy Centennial logo with three orange Cs linked with a small white Pacific dogwood flower at the centre. Good intentions to represent British Columbia's centennial, but could easily be misunderstood.
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Re: Favourite BC Lions Helmet

1) Black helmet with snarling lion logo (1967-1977)
2) Black helmet with paw logo (1962-1966)
3) Black helmet with current logo (2019)

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Re: Favourite BC Lions Helmet

1) Black helmet with current logo (2019)
2) Black helmet with paw logo (1962-66, 2010 throwback alternate)
3 White helmet with either version of modern logo (2005-2010, 2011-2015)

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Re: Favourite BC Lions Helmet

1-- 1978-1989 White helmet with dark lion. It was in use when I moved to BC, and I think it's fiercer looking than the 1990-onwards logo.

2- 2013-2014 Matte black helmet with orange paw. As part of the 3rd uni, this was the best rendering to work with the overall look. I do like all the other paw versions though. They still don't look dated.

3- 2016-2018 Black helmet with orange lion. Much as I hated the away version of the 2016-18, I thought this worked well with the home uni. It looked great in game action under the lights.

For #3, I also came close to picking the 1976-1977 Black helmet with orange lion and cage, but I think that lion logo has not aged well. Looks too much like 1960's comic artwork. I also never had any historic attachment to it , since it was before I became a Lions fan (but the paw appeals to me despite that). The 2010 update that was used at Tempire does look better--they spruced the lion up a bit for that version with black "BC" lettering.

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Re: Favourite BC Lions Helmet

F - Though I admit I'm the only one that's going to give that one any love. The home one is beautiful and I'm glad I snagged one of TJ Lee's. (The away one, however, was trash).

The 1972-74 BC logo with silver facemask and the mouth open.

The current helmet is wonderful. Ties together the history of helmets of the franchise quite nicely. It feels old, even though it's new, if that makes sense.

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Re: Favourite BC Lions Helmet

It's hard to beat that early-to-mid '60s paw, speaking personally, since that's the era when a certain 10-year-old kid first fell hard for his BC Lions.

That said, I'm a huge fan of the current helmet as well. And I do like it just as much as the paw. Cromartie makes purrfect sense to me; "it feels old, though it's new".

Back in the day, I did enjoy our white helmet look while we had it, as I recall it was unique in the league, plus our team had some success and some all-time favourite players wore (and excelled) wearing it (e.g. Geroy and Travis) if memory serves. But aesthetically, the white helmet no longer thrills me so much.

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Re: Favourite BC Lions Helmet

Hands down the black helmet with the Lions paw.

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