2020 CFL draft

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Re: 2020 CFL draft

Quite enjoyed this Sunday morning read from JC Abbott, nicely sizing up and breaking down the Lions' draft. Almost enough to get me excited about the future of our Leos and their #1 pick despite my reservations about the CFL being back in gear even by next season. I've not lost all hope though, and if and when things are a go, I believe we will have much to roar about, obviously for more reasons than just our 2020 draft selections. https://3downnation.com/2020/05/10/new- ... breakdown/

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Re: 2020 CFL draft

Interestin' read there by Abbott. Not sure I'd agree on everything though.

Might be nice if Williams is an instant upgrade over Konar & Herdman-Reed, who IMO have both shown serious LB talent in CFL game action, but I wouldn't count on it right away. IF playing LB in the pros was all about 40 times or "atheticism" then scouting I guess should just go by Combine #s. Herdman-Reed's D play-making / tackling numbers in college ball were off the charts outstanding (so much for 40 time being everything) and he was a Conference D player of the year not for nothing. I was very impressed by his MLB play when he first got his real CFL shot there; i guess Nice Hat Claybrooks did not favor him to play in last year's Lions D - where are ya now Hat ? ;o)

Like to see Hastings prove to be a good pick - not sure if there is a recorded Combine 40 time to go by with him (maybe from last year's U Sports East-West game?), but if he does have that kind of reported speed, to go with some pretty decent college ball production, he might be an outstanding receiver prospect and a good get later in the draft.

If i had to nit-pick about this Lions' draft i might question the selection of another Canadian "fullback" type in Johnson when the already have Wayne Moore, plus a couple of other big H-back type guys - Mackie & Viilamizar - from previous drafts. How many of those guys can they carry on the roster ? - even if the guy is a special "athlete"? - but CFL thinking towards NIs is often so focussed on more "depth". Might have been smarter to go for a safety prospect ? - and IMO there were a couple available.

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