Coaching staff announced.

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Re: Coaching staff announced.

Hambone wrote: Tue Mar 03, 2020 8:57 am Whichever way the bonus is taxed at the time it still all comes out in the wash at the end of the year. When tax time comes around the bonus is just part of the player's overall gross taxable income and in your example the 15% would be part of his income taxes paid. When the dust settles and all the calculations are done he will be taxed at whatever rate his net taxable income calls for.
Good explanation and thank you for the comment. Some of it would come down to where the taxes are being filed.

Still think there is something about owning a residence in the home land for foreign workers that caps tax on that portion of income. Not even sure if they have to declare the money earned outside the country. No doubt every trick in the book has been tried.

Justin Medlock is one who is up on the rules and is a very shrewd negotiator. Seems to always wrap up a new deal right after the season has ended. Likely using leftover cap money from the just finished season. Might make a good gm some day if only he had a personality.

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Re: Coaching staff announced.

Slightly off topic, but on a related matter; No longer with our Leos of course, nor the CFL, Dan Dorazio lands at UBC. The T-Birds will benefit says Angus Reid. It will be interesting to see how their O-line responds over the course of the new season. I wish them well. I'd like to see them thrive. ... ds-at-ubc/

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Re: Coaching staff announced.

Good article on Offensive Coordinator Jordon Maksymic ... nd-oc-job/

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