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Re: Lions signings for 2020

Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2020 9:44 pm
by B.C.FAN
Gridiron Ernie wrote:
Thu Apr 02, 2020 6:06 pm
I had to chuckle over this -- newly signed CB Sean Harper Jr. (Washington State) nicely photo-shopped into a Lions uni. (I suspect Chris Rainey has dibbs on jersey #2 though!) Harper's confidently tweeted this, and here's the 3DownN link, however I've not seen a mention officially from the Lions. ... b-c-lions/ I know these things need to be done, i.e. signing for the future. But in this state of uncertainty it all sort of rings hollow. But another DB for our secondary is always welcome, whenever things eventually move forward. Realistically I'm really not thinking in terms of 2020. I'm hopefully looking ahead to 2021.
In the age of social media, the whole world can see when a player tells his friends that he has signed a pro contract. For some, that may be the highlight of their careers. The Lions list 101 players on their online roster, including at least one non-counter (RB Andrew Pocrnik of the Langley Rams) but not including Harper and anyone else who might have signed a contract recently. They're allowed to have 100 players plus draft picks and other non counters under contract up to the end of rookie camp, 85 plus non counters for the first three days of main camp and 75 plus non counters for the duration of camp. With the prospect of a shortened 2020 camp and season (if any at all), teams probably won't even try to bring long shots across the border. They won't want to waste money and reps on players with little chance of making the team.

Re: Lions signings for 2020

Posted: Thu May 28, 2020 11:25 am
by B.C.FAN
The Lions have announced their first signing since April, adding national WR Tyler Turner, a former UBC Thunderbird who transferred to Alberta and went undrafted this year.

They also released national LB Khadim Mbaye. They still have eight national LBs on their roster after adding Jordan Williams and Damian Jamieson in the draft.

That leaves the Lions with 109 players on their roster. They're allowed 100 plus non-counters (primarily current year draft choices and juniors) until the end of three-day rookie camp and 85 for main camp. If there is an abbreviated camp this year and players have to be housed in Lower Mainland hotels, it's hard to see them bringing everyone in.