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David wrote:
Wed Sep 18, 2019 8:25 pm
BC 1988 wrote:
Wed Sep 11, 2019 7:26 pm
I see the "No Mountain Too High" graphic (available framed on Amazon) is pretty condensed--they forgot the '80s reversed lion which I like.
I am actually partial to the middle uniform with the 7 burnt orange stripes on the sleeves and the burnt orange and white neck trim. However, they only wore those for two seasons (1970 and 1971 - note: the mistake on the print, which reads "1974").

I am actually surprised they didn't feature the 1978 uniform instead. This is when the club switched colours to burnt orange and brown (and the new logo, which is primarily the one they still feature today). They achieved a lot of success in those uniforms (including the 1985 Grey Cup).

DH :cool:
All I can think of regarding the graphic is the designer realized they couldn't fit all iterations on the panel, so decided to make a creative compromise. Poor choices, if that was the case. Omitting the jersey of DeWalt/Fernandez (as mentioned by squishy35 in another thread) was a big mistake. The logo was the template for today's, but had the strange logic of having the dark lion. Someone must have decided to go for closer to what the mountain lion native to BC would like like when they made the lion orange in '89. I would like to know the story of the designer of both versions. Was it the same artist, or did another one modify it?

I remember seeing the '70-71 uni in color when I was a kid in Toronto (on player cards, but they didn't feature the '71 Centennial helmet, which I finally saw earlier in this thread). The stripes on the sleeves were like a version of what HAM had at that time

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this seems like a good place to put this as i didn't want to start a new thread for this.

i see rocky long resigned at san diego state. and tedford already resigned this off-season at fresno state.

both did amazing jobs at those schools and both are ex-bc lions (tedford as HC)....

tedford resigned due to health issues. long due to issues with SDSU administration.

long would be an amazing hire for so many programs. i see he's looking into DC jobs, syracuse being cited.

seems to me that he'd be awesome for USC or UCLA in a DC/leadership role.

don't see any suggestion that he wants lesser role i.e not 16 hours x 365 days, which steinauer cited in resigning from fresno state DC role

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Came across some old team photos (courtesy of Trevor Ekdahl's daughter Janika).

Of note here in the 1972 pic is film and TV star Carl Weathers (3rd player from left, middle row). I have a large wall poster of this same team photo. It was released by White Spot restaurant that year.


Of note in the 1971 pic is rookie Larry Highbaugh who would go onto Edmonton the following year and become a CFL Hall of Famer. Larry is wearing uniform #58 (5th player from the left, front row). He had joined the club shortly before this pic was taken in early September 1971.


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Please sell the team, Mr. Braley.
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