2016-17 Vancouver Canucks/NHL Season Thread

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it was a foregone conclusion that the pens were going to win this years cup long before the playoffs were started...sigh

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The capricious nature of this league pretty much guarantees certain things. When the Pens won the Sidney Crosby Lottery, drafting him one year after Malkin, it pretty much set the Pens up for another round of Stanley Cups. If they win this back to back, that is three for the team since that time I believe. Some franchises seem to have more than their fair share of good fortune. Imagine having a Lemieux and Jagr tandem and following that up with a Crosby, Malkin. For some teams, those kinds of talents never come along (see our Canucks for example) let alone in tandems. And here we have a franchise that was in dire financial straights after Lemieux and needed rescuing and lo, they get a hold of arguably two of the most talented players for last decade. I'm not suggesting conspiracy or anything like that but sometimes it certainly seems that some franchises manage to navigate the peaks and valley's of this league with less weather to encounter.

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1040 was making a big deal about the refereeing deciding game 6 . As a neutral viewer, I'm used to goals being disallowed/allowed as a fact of life in the NHL. It would be a lot worse if they were making decisions without the benefit of technology.

The NSH fans were, of course, angry, and the PA announcer could be heard asking them to "Please refrain from throwing objects on the ice" after the go ahead PIT goal was declared "a good goal" (this after all the catfish they were allowed to toss on the ice during the first period).

I always enjoy watching each member of the winning team get their turn with the Cup. It was interesting that Murray said afterwards he was way down in the ranking of when he expected to get his turn, but Fleury handed it off to him. Probably symbolic of what's about to happen with Vegas expansion/trades. Fleury is a class act to waive his limited no-movement clause.

I feel Crosby deserved the Conn Smythe, due to the unique situation of Murray-Fleury cancelling each other out. It's remarkable that Murray still has rookie status, with 2 Stanley Cup rings. (going one better than Ken Dryden).

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