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Jordan Williams: Why He's a Shrewd Pick for the BC Lions

During the 2020 CFL draft, BC Lions recruited seven local talents in their efforts to bolster their roster. Of those new additions, Jordan Williams took the headlines as an agreement with the Calgary Stampeders enabled Leos to select the 25-year-old as their number-one pick. In a period of uncertainty for the team, building for both the present and the future is of utmost importance, particularly as they seek to build on their underwhelming performances throughout the 2019 campaign. So, letís take a look at what Williams will bring to the BC Lions. 

Heading the Lionsí 2020 Draft 

Having made a name for himself at college level, the Baltimore-born linebacker had struggled to break into the sport professionally, failing to make the San Francisco 49ers roster following a rookie camp in 2018. Although they didnít take a chance on Williams, the 49ers are still among the favourites for the 2020-21 Super Bowl LV, being priced at

33/1 with NFL odds on bet365 to clinch the championship, as of November 3rd.  

However, it was clear from his time with the East Carolina Pirates in 2017 that he had the ability to make the step up. Yet, a pivotal factor in his career was to sit out and wait. After being made aware during discussions with the Ottawa RedBlacks of the importance of dual citizenship, the eligible linebacker focused on attaining his position to quality as a national, as per North State Journal.  

Crucially, his patience appears to have been a decisive factor behind his current career trajectory. Upon being drafted first by Leos, Williams became the ECUís highest draft pick ever, bettering pre-existing records set by both Chris Johnson and Robert Jones, according to WNCT. 

What Will he Add to Leos? 

Regarding what he will bring to the BC Lions, few can argue that Williams wonít deliver much-needed defensive steel. According to the linebackerís profile at the BC Lionsí website, he enjoyed a fruitful college career

in which he made 252 tackles across 45 games. Not only that, but he also registered three sacks, two forced fumbles, and one fumble recovery. Responsible for stopping opposition offense, the 25-year-old will be an integral component in the Lionsí system as they seek to re-establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the CFL. 

With six Grey Cup titles to their name, Leos are the seventh most successful team in the competitionís history but have failed to clinch the trophy since 2011. As evident from his on-field statistics across his four years with the Pirates, Williams has a steely determination and drive to succeed that could transform the

Lionsí defensive fortunes. Although it will take the Baltimore-born linebacker time to settle into his new surroundings, there can be no doubt that the six-time Grey Cup winners have a promising player on their hands. 

The Catalyst for Change  

While, of course, itís unlikely that the Lions will reassert their dominance on the CFL overnight, Williams unquestionably has the talent to be a core player in the teamís long-term ambitions. With athleticism and youth on his side, as well as defensive know-how, there are few negatives regarding Leosí latest first-round draft pick.