At what point do we look to next year?

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Mon Sep 29, 2014 10:46 pm

TheLionKing wrote:The record says you are what you are. With the exception of the defence, the Lions are an average team. When the Lions fired Chapdelaine I was delighted. Khari Jones has been a major disappointment. He is way over his head. Slow to make adjustments and what adjustments he makes are often too late and ineffective. Frankly tired of Buono's cronies running this team year after year. The team has regress year after year under Benevides. Time for a change.

Agree with everything you said , I even said Khari Jones at training camp was a mistake, the biggest thing with this team is Lullay getting hurt, I said a couple of weeks ago Glen is not going to win with this team , the lions are in huge trouble with the QB position , ( been years since this has happened ) play out the rest of the season do there best with what they have , and they better go out and get a future QB that can sell tickets next year or the Lions are going to go from 15,000 season tickets back to 9,000 were they were in 2002 - 03, what a waist of work Ackles did with this team, I hope he is turning over in his grave disgusted.

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Mon Nov 10, 2014 12:46 pm

Ok, as expected we made the playoffs - barely. Thanks to a pathetic East and a weaker Winnipeg in the first half of the season.

But I still posit that back in September we should have seen more Partridge (maybe now Rodgers) and even some Beck, but way less of Glenn. our offense is still anemic and now our Defence seems to have worked its way to the same level of inefficiency as the offense.

And nothing to look at for next season.
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